535 – Electric Chair/Nixon

Electric Chair/Nixon

Andy Warhol (1928-1987)
Vote McGovern, 1972
Screenprint on paper
Collection of Middlebury College Museum of Art

Audio commentary by Stephanie Plunkett, Deputy Director/Chief Curator of Norman Rockwell Museum and
Jesse Kowalski, Curator of Exhibitions of Norman Rockwell Museum

Warhol continued as well with social works including the electric chair printed in this exhibition. It’s obviously Warhol’s commentary on capital punishment in America. But also in this gallery is Warhol’s portrait of Richard Nixon that he did for the 1972 presidential campaign on behalf of George McGovern. Funny thing is that after this print was published in 1972, that Warhol was audited by the IRS every year following until his death in 1987. Warhol did other things, he did a Green Party poster for Germany in the 1970s. He also did a series of prints on the endangered species, so he was always, he always had this persona, but he also had a very socially conscious side to his work.