615 – Monstrous Manual

Monstrous Manual

Displacer Beast
Microball pen, artist’s markers, and pastel pencil on bond paper
Collection of the artist

The Monster Manual was actually one of my first really big jobs for TSR back in 1993. I’d finished my very first project with them, Dragon Mountain, and it was okay. I wasn’t real happy with how the work came out, so when I worked with the designer for the Monster Manual, I actually opted for a little less art, but hopefully to improve the quality of each individual illustration. Funny thing is, is I still was a poor art graduate, and I didn’t have a lot of supplies. What I think about is using the art supplies that I had left over from school. I had these alcohol based markers that we used, these graphic markers that we used mostly for advertising, comping up ads. I had these over-the-counter ballpoint pens that I would buy in boxes at the drug store and just reams and reams of laser paper. At the time, it felt comfortable for me to do the art in that medium, but of course when I look back now many years later, I wished I used better supplies.