625 – Planescape


The Rendezvous from the Planescape supplement The Planewalker’s Handbook
Ink and watercolor on Bristol board
Collection of the artist

Planescape was a very exciting time in my career as a young artist. I got a chance to be a part of the creation of the whole new world for Dungeons and Dragons. And Planescape was basically a crossroads of all the world mythologies that we know of that you could explore. I felt technically stronger when I was doing the illustrations for Planescape. I felt like I knew what I was doing a little more.

And I think it comes through in the artwork. I had also started to hone in on the mediums that I still use to this day, so I was using Speedball, dip pens, croquille pens. I was using various types of Bristol board. I actually tried out lots of different Bristol board, because I was still trying to figure out which one, which surface worked best for me.

And I used a lot of watercolors and inks. The thing, when I think back on Planescape was the kind of organic and rusted and ancient look of the characters, really came naturally to my sensibilities. So the browns and umbers that I tend to gravitate to in my pallets, I was able to use as a strength here. The thing that I didn’t realize that Planescape was actually teaching me in all the years that I illustrated for it, was how to build a world. Not just the characters and the monsters, but the armor they wore, the places they visit, the magical weapons and the artifacts they use.

And that stuff I carry with me to this day. It certainly informed the world building that went into the Spiderwick Chronicles and The WondLa Trilogy.