645 – Kenny and the Dragon Interior Art

Kenny and the Dragon Interior Art

The old fellow had taught the boy chess years ago…, interior illustration from Kenny & the Dragon,
Pencil on paper
Collection of the artist

I actually struggled with how to do the interior illustrations for Kenny and the Dragon. The Spiderwick Chronicles were being down around the same time, and for those I was using an old Speedball croquille pen that I would dip into the ink pot, and draw with, but I didn’t want Kenny and the Dragon to feel the same way as a Spiderwick book.

The story itself is actually a little softer, a little warmer, a little gentler and so I chose a different medium. I ended up using pencil to do all the illustrations, and you know to use a pencil there’s a lot of different ways to use it, and so I tried all these various experimentations with the pencil. Do I smudge it, do I smear it, do I shade it and what’s interesting if you look closely is the illustrations for Kenny and the Dragon are drawn in a pencil, with a pencil but I’m drawing as if I was actually inking. So I’m using very clean lines, and I’m using crosshatching, like I would use if I was using a pen, but in this case I’m using a softer medium.