710 – Jimmy & Ted Colors

Jimmy & Ted Colors

…the Moon-Pie-wrapper balloon was flying high!, interior illustration from Jimmy Zangwow’s Out-of-this-World Moon Pie Adventure,
Acryla gouache and airbrush on Bristol board
Collection of the artist

The complexity of the illustrations in both Jimmy Zangwow and Ted were a bit of a challenge for me. I felt like I wasn’t a strong enough painter to fully master color and how to manipulate color to move the eye around the page. So one of the tricks that I used was that I dressed the hero, the boy in Jimmy Zangwow and the boy in Ted, in primary colors.

So if you look at Jimmy Zangwow, his hair is red, his shirt is yellow, and his shorts are blue. The three primary colors, pop right there. And that is set amongst a sea of usually secondary colors, so orange in the case of being on Mars, green when he’s on Earth.

The same holds true for the boy in Ted. He’s wearing a red, yellow, and blue striped shirt and blue overalls. But it’s the same concept, the idea that he had these very bright primary colors set against this kind of neapolitan backdrop of chocolate and vanilla and strawberry.